Dr Jart Cicarepair Serum 30ml Review (Tried & Tested)

Dr Jart Cicarepair Serum

Some of the most calming Tiger Grass or Cicapair products are those from Dr Jart’s brand. This delightful and calming serum is intended to soothe skin irritability. It contains strong capsules made from the Asian medicinal plant Centella Asiatica, also known as tiger grass. It improves the appearance and comfort of skin that is too red due to sensitivity and any sort of allergy.

I’ve used Dr Jart Cicarepair Serum 30ml and it’s proved to be quite effective for my sensitive skin. So, I thought why not share a comprehensive review with you all, so that you can make an informed decision timely? So here we are, let’s begin!

In-depth Overview

1 oz. Cicapair Repair Serum by Dr Jart is a healing serum that may be used to treat skin irritation, acne, redness, and inflammation. It is designed with incredibly mild and pure components that promote skin health and repair, help to restore and damage, and cure any skin areas that may be uncomfortable.

Therefore, if you need a nice calming serum that also improves the appearance and feeling of your skin, as well as if you have acne marks, redness, or general irritation along with acne on your face, this is the product for you.

How to Use?

  • Apply a little amount on inflamed skin after cleaning.
  • Drops will turn from green to beige to make skin glow and level out skin tone before applying makeup.
  • To allow for optimal absorption, press cream into the skin with warm palms.


I appreciate how the twist-cap scoops up the substance so I don’t have to put any more on my face. If not more than enough, the quantity that is instantly sucked out of the container is perfect for covering the entire face! The dropper is simple to use and there is no mess. The bottle is attractive to look at and complements my shelf well.

Fragrance & Texture

It feels like a luxurious sensation that glides into the skin and absorbs effortlessly! It has the consistency of water and does not stick or feel mushy. There is a faint aroma, but it is not very strong!

The irony is that it initially smells like grass! There’s no terrible fake sweet fragrance, and the smell goes away as soon as you massage it in.

Benefits of Cicarepair Serum

  • Tiger Grass Repair Serum is suitable for all skin types and tones, including acne-prone and sensitive skin; also, there is no irritation, response, difficulties, or redness with either skin type.
  • Tiger Grass serum helps to soothe acne and prevent future outbreaks in people who are having breakouts or acne.
  • It can be used to treat acne patches all over the face, as well as spots and blemishes.
  • It is free of parabens, sulfates, chemical additions, or strong binding agents that might irritate delicate skin or cause longer-term damage, and it feels non-greasy and lightweight after application.
  • Even people with skin problems can use this medication safely; however, it is always a good idea to contact a doctor beforehand.

Final Verdict

Cicapair Repair Serum is an excellent solution for treating acne, irritation, and redness, while also improving the appearance of your skin with natural and clean components. It’s one of the best Sensoo skincare products available on market at a highly reasonable cost. It will undoubtedly last because hardly much product is required for use.

Check Korean Skincare Glossary for more quality products like this.

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