Do Cats get Heatstroke?

Do Cats get Heatstroke

Today, we are here to share some important facts on Cats. And the question asked by one of my colleagues recently and that I would like to share with you today here. It’s nothing but an interesting conception on – Do Cats get Heatstroke? During summers, there used to be lots of articles about taking care of animals and birds as well. Because they also might die of heatstroke or thirst. Here we are looking at the cases of cats.

Do they really get heat stroke?

Well, yes. The risk of getting a heat stroke for a cat is lower compared to dogs. But still, if they are not taken proper care of on a hot day, then it can definitely result in extremely high body temperature. It could also damage their internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, brain etc.

Even though both cats and dogs have their own cooling mechanism, it won’t work in an extreme heat situation. You can easily find the signs of heatstroke in your cat. It will include rapid breathing, dark red gums, salivation, anxiety and weakness.

If the cats are older, obese or with pre-existing heart or lung problems, then the signs could go worse. So it is always better to prevent them from having a heatstroke.

How to prevent heatstroke?

For that, you can always make sure they have a shaded area and adequate water. Also do not confine them to rooms or vehicles where the temperatures might soar. If possible, make sure that they are under air conditioning on hot days.

If you are taking your cat to grooming facilities, then do make sure that they are not left unattended with a hairdryer blowing on them. This is a commonly seen, very serious cause of heatstroke in both cats and dogs. So whether it be dogs also, watch out for the same.

You know exactly when the summers are going to come. So if you plan ahead, then you can always keep your cats cool in warm weather as well. Prevention is always better than cure. So make sure that your cat is not suffering because of your carelessness. Find more informative pet care ideas and tips here with Berauz, keep updated on our notification soon.

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