Business Basics: Marketing Your Ideas

Marketers often get caught up in persuading people too much to make new sales. And they should be, but it must not always be the case. Marketing their ideas by strengthening relationships with existing clients creates better business frontiers.

Here are four of the top dos and don’ts of business idea marketing that make all the difference:

Do: Focus on Existing Customers Need

Familiarity with customers breeds contempt. Mistreating or ignoring existing needs is a sure way to fail in business.

Before selling ideas to new customers, businesses need to hear out the existing ones. Those are the ones who have known all the pain points. Once satisfied, they grow loyal. They also tend to bring in new customers.

Do Not: Ignore Social Media

Too many marketers concentrate on Search Engine Optimization for their websites. They fail to realize that social media brands get easy rankings.

Again, most potential clients spend a lot of time on social media. According to Statista, daily worldwide social media usage averaged 145 minutes in 2020.

Sharing your SEO content across social media platforms is crucial. Sell your ideas there before selling your products. It gives your customers a reason to check your business out.

Do: Using a Multimedia Approach

75% of people today prefer watching an informational or product video to reading about it. Incorporate your business ideas in your content development.

Developing video content can be through old blog posts. It could also be product information coverage, or product demonstrations, and much more.

According to InVideo, by 2022, 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be watching videos. In 2021, the average person is spending 100 minutes per day watching some online videos.

Do Not: Ignore Mobile Phone Marketing Campaigns

There were over 3 billion daily smartphone users in the world as of 2021. It means that above 48.2% of the world population own a mobile phone. Marketers must optimize their marketing campaigns for mobile phone users’ consumption.

Solid knowledge of selling marketing ideas is crucial in business development. Marketing is much more than persuading clients into buying your product or service.

Marketers must learn what keeps their current customers delighted. They must seek to keep doing business out of the loyalty of existing customers. Focusing on delighting these clients will lead to attracting new ones. For more business ideas, consult some small business accountants in Brisbane.

Successful marketers and competitors are not ignoring social media and video marketing. They know so well that almost all business is moving into online platforms. And videos on smartphones are the next frontier.

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